Hello! I'm Laura

I am a yoga teacher,

meditator and sound healer.

My work is about helping people

decipher what is

real, true and


It always starts with knowing WHAT your true desire is.

Everybody has a unique

desire and purpose,

which complements their own

passions and gifts.

It is critical that every one of us tunes out

from the conflicting desires put upon us

and tune in to who we actually are

to find

what WE actually want.

This can be a lifetime's work in itself.

The practice of yoga that I teach is about giving each of my students the opportunity to just explore.

We rarely allow enough time to ourselves because life is always pulling us in so many different directions.

Yet this is the most important work we can do.

When we know who we are,

what we want;

we can work towards it

and find peace.

Peace is the natural state of our being.

So if you feel like you would like to find the peace needed to achieve your goals...

Get in touch.