Sound Healing

Match the frequency of the reality that you want, and you cannot help but get that reality

- Albert Einstein

In yoga, the world began with sound. 

In the Bible it began with the word. 

Sound is the most sacred and powerful of all the senses. 

Felt within us, it has the ability to change the frequency of our own energy.

We express everything we feel and do through sound. Through our voice, the sounds that we make with our bodies and gestures, even through how we interact with the world.

Music has been the source of enlightenment for humans since the beginning of time, its ability to transport us and change the way we feel is part of its power. Human societies relied on songs to teach and carry on traditions and stories before writing. Australian Aborigines tell the story of the land through songlines.

Sound healing has been around for millenia, from shamanic healing within different cultures to the Greek temples and the Egyptian empire.

Its ability to reset subconscious patterning and instil new ways of being has always been its point of power and use, releasing unwanted and unhelpful patterns and behaviours.

With sound healing, I am able to direct the listener through each of the brain wave states. This means we are able to shift through different mental states simply through the process of deep listening. This process is normally only accessible on command through deep meditation, but with sound therapy, anybody can experience these effects.

Just like any therapy, the practitioner and their understanding and ability to read the energy of the people in the space and respond with the appropriate treatment is critical.

Playing a loud rock ballad to an anxious person will only create more tension, hence the level of awareness of the practitioner is key.

I have been teaching yoga for 13 years and practising for 27 years. Known as the teacher who never teaches the same class, each class that I teach responds to the needs of my students on the day and the cycles of the earth.

When I finished my Sound Healing training with Shift meditation, I realised that all of my years of teaching yoga were simply the necessary step to being able to access and read that information easily for sound healing.

My students have often remarked that the classes that I teach were exactly what they needed, and it is being able to read the needs of my students that has led to such great results within my sound baths.