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  • Feel cleaner - Nutritionist fasting program

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Join us for Februalia

The Roman festival of purification runs for the month of February. Lets shed the negativity of 2022 and move with gratitude and self awareness into 2023

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In Ancient Rome, February was the month of sacrifice and purification.

This month long course for February is a deep dive into how to cleanse your body, mind and home to ensure optimal health and functionality for the rest of the year.

This course is designed to be simple to assimilate into any schedule and focuses on consistency in order to create ongoing habits for healthy living.

Building up gently towards the 3rd week of February where we will do a juice fast, the number of days will be decided by you according to how you are feeling.

As each of us is starting at a different place, this course can be catered to your needs and capabilities, ensuring you get the most out of it without feeling overwhelmed.

The course will include daily pranayama, regular short meditations, regular short yoga practices and a journalling practice.

The juice fast and recipes included have been created by qualified naturopath, Kate Thompson.

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