Full Moon

Forest Sound Bath

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  • If you want to reset your nervous system

  • If you’re looking to improve the quality of your sleep.

  • If you want to replenish your dopamine.

  • You want to instill your intentions into your subconscious.

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The full moon each month is the peak of the lunar cycle. It is the best time to see how you have travelled in the month, temper the intensity of the full moon and start to wind down for the end of the lunar cycle.

It is the lunar time to take stock of whether you achieved what you set out to, and what you need to adjust to prepare for the next cycle ahead. It is an opportunity to get a sense of what you would like to create and to let go off anything that no longer serves you.

By timing our own cycles with the moon, our bodies will naturally recharge faster. Combined with syncing our habits to a regular circadian rhythm, our bodies are better able to metabolise the food we eat and create better sleep patterns, enabling us to have better focus and energy.

Following the full moon in Aries on September 29th, Laura Luck will be hosting a sound bath in the bush on the deck of the Bunyaville Environment Education Centre. With a background of forest sounds, this sound bath is designed to reset your frequency to one that is in harmony with nature.

Using sound healing, yoga nidra and pranayama, each sound journey with Laura is designed to relieve stress and release tension, while the Full Moon practices are designed to calm and balance and reset the body.

Often unusual sensations can come up in the body, sometimes where old injuries have come up to heal, or where energy may have become stuck. During the session it is recommended to just witness everything as it arises so it is able to move through and leave the body.

Laura has been teaching yoga internationally and locally for over 13 years. Trained at the foot of enlightened master Clarissa Mitchell for 3 years in the UK before embarking on her 200 hr teacher training at the Unity School in Brighton in 2009, Laura's focus in yoga has always been mastering the mind as a means of self mastery.

A vipassana meditator and Raja yoga practitioner, sound healing is a natural extension of her yoga practice spanning over 27 years.

One of the first teachers to teach yin yoga in Brisbane, Laura completed her training in Sound Healing through Shift Meditation in Amsterdam and with Dr John Beaulieu through the Shift Network. 

Peter H.

Having never practiced yoga before I was pleasantly surprised by the relaxed, friendly and caring approach that Laura took when I first started. I attend 2 classes a week and look forward to the sense of calm and mindfulness I experience after each one. Well done Laura and keep up the great work!

Camilla. C

In a world where traditional, non-competitve yoga is rapidly getting lost to yoga combined with aerobics + cross fit I was rapidly becoming disinterested in yoga. And then I found Laura! Laura keeps the soul in the yoga practice. My body feels stronger and healthier and just as importantly, so does my mind! Laura is a fantastic yoga instructor.