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The April Libra Full Moon is an opportunity for us all to take stock of where we need more balance and how we can create more harmony within our lives.

By timing our own cycles to the moon, our bodies will be in tune with the earth and we will be able to balance our energies more efficiently throughout the month.

On the full moon on the 7th of April, Laura Luck will be hosting a half day retreat at Pause Yoga.  Set within the beautiful architecturally designed confines of the studio with a view of the forest, this retreat will be an opportunity to release anything no longer needed and create more integrity with the intentions we have for our lives for the year ahead.

Beginning with deep pranayama (breathwork), yin and yang yoga and a journeying meditation, this half day retreat will be an immersion into the vibrational energy of your being. 

In yoga, sound is one of the highest means of experience and practice. Known as Nada Yoga, it is the exploration of your physical self as sound. 

A Sound Bath is where you rest completely and allow the sounds to wash over and through you. Sound therapy has been used by many cultures throughout history as a means for deep healing. 

Laura accesses this wealth of knowledge and history in her sound journeys to help guide the mind and body through whatever it needs to release.

On the most basic level, a sound bath is a very deep meditation induced by sound, but often older injuries or wounds may reactivate to allow them to continue their healing where it may have halted. As an experience, sound baths are a very deep relaxing meditation; but many have very personal responses in accordance to their own needs.

Laura has been teaching yoga internationally and locally for over 13 years. Trained at the foot of enlightened master Clarissa Mitchell for 3 years in the UK before embarking on her 200 hr teacher training at the Unity School in Brighton in 2009, Laura's focus in yoga is about mastering the mind and ourselves as a result.
A vipassana meditator and Raja yoga practitioner of over a decade, sound healing is a natural extension of Laura's yoga practice spanning over 27 years.

One of the first teachers to teach yin yoga in Australia, Laura completed her training in Sound Healing through Shift Meditation in Amsterdam and with Dr John Beaulieu through the Shift Network. 

Peter H.

Having never practiced yoga before I was pleasantly surprised by the relaxed, friendly and caring approach that Laura took when I first started. I attend 2 classes a week and look forward to the sense of calm and mindfulness I experience after each one. Well done Laura and keep up the great work!

Camilla. C

In a world where traditional, non-competitve yoga is rapidly getting lost to yoga combined with aerobics + cross fit I was rapidly becoming disinterested in yoga. And then I found Laura! Laura keeps the soul in the yoga practice. My body feels stronger and healthier and just as importantly, so does my mind! Laura is a fantastic yoga instructor.